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1989 Turbo Swap Project
Swapping a 1987 7M-GTE into my NA 1989 (early) Supra
The donor car before it got hauled away. 
Not a whole lot of value left in there, but if I'd had more time there are still things that I would have...
7M-GTE all snug in it's new home
That's a whole lotta nuthin in that engine bay.
7M-GE coming out of my car.
High heat red paing on the heat shields...  Which are no longer on the car...
Mostly cleaned piston.  It had a lot of gunk on it.  Not surprising since it had been sitting for at least a couple of years beforehand.
Removing the head gasket.  It was stock, and yes, it had been blown.
Disassembling the 7M-GTE in preparation for new seals and gaskets.
7M-GTE on a stand
7M-GTE coming out of the donor car.
1987 Supra, lots of body parts stripped.  Someone put it sideways into a pole, so it made a good donor car.
GOT_BOOST standing next to the fresh kill...
My car, preparing to get the donor car's doors and fenders. 
I figured might as well take the good body panels as well as the motor.

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