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So far this winter I've started working on a few things.
1st Item: Transmission
Something is up with the transmission and I'm not sure exactly what it is just yet. There was quite a bit of vibration sound coming from the shifter itself so I took it apart and noticed someone along the way did a SOGI short shifter mod on the car. I like the look of it, but to hit 5th gear I have to take my back off the seat of the car to reach it. I ended up buying a used 5spd shifter assembly from an auto wrecker in Ontario. I took off the SOGI one and noticed a few odd things. One, the metal plate that is between the body of the car and the rubber insulator shifter boot only had two bolts holding it in place. The two rear bolts were missing and had double sided packing tape instead (ghetto bolts, I mean they didn’t even use duct tape, geez!!). When I had it apart I noticed the reason the tape was used was because the two rear holes in the body didn’t line up to the metal plate. Because I had two metal plates I decided to drill two holes in the metal plate to align with the two rear holes. I managed to do it first try!

What was good though was when they did the SOGI mod, they replaced the green gasket and the white bushing when doing it. I’m hoping that returning this back to stock will eliminate the vibration sounds that were coming from the shifter area before. I also recently ordered a genuine TRD shifter knob from Elmhurst Toyota in the states (Curt Aigner). I think it will look perfect in my car.

The other problem I’m having with the tranny is when I shift quickly up or down into 4th gear there can be a bad grinding noise sometimes. It doesn’t do it if I shift slowly or with a pause between shifts. Oddly enough, it does shift amazingly into 2nd, which is usually the problem gear for these transmissions. I might have to rebuild it soon, but will see…
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