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Oil Filters

Here's a little piece of part information.

So I like to have extra filtering abilities, and I assume some others might like it as well. But don't really want or feel like spending more on a "Long Life" usually more folds in the filter media or "Racing Filters" that typical don't have a by pass valve and sometimes anti-drain back valve(not a problem in ours as our filters are not horizontal or threads facing down).

I use WIX filters. So one day I was changing my oil quickly after work and I did not check to make sure that we had the right filter and took off the filter and drained the oil. I then grabbed the oil and went for the filter and the spot was empty. Shit. I went on WIX and started looking for a filter that might work and found that #51516 is identical to the #51348. Just longer by about 1.5".

Sweet more filtering, a little more oil capacity, little more oil cooling (lol) and roughly the same price (I believe 10 cents more?).

So I know there is a lot of forums about oil filters but I didn't see one here, also feel free to add any filters you have used or have compared.

I can also cut them open to compare them if anyone wants too.

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