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Unread 03-03-2007, 01:30 PM   #1
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firebolt engines/cetus

let me tell you a little story....if you have a chevette you want fixed by all means go to them...if you have anything that you want to continue driving stay quote the service adviser..."were very good at what we do"..let me explain what it is that they do...after my head gasket went, i searched around for a shop and pricing for all the options.. i figgered it wasnt worth just doin the gasket on a 130000mile engine that was leakin and burnin a lil blue at the time, so i decided that i wanted to keep the car for a long trime and went for a total rebuild/turbo/rad/ starter/etc... i even agreed to 1000$ extra to do the hoses..a total job of 10,000.. not that i complained, it was what i wanted to have done. So on with the work..about this time i heard about Reg Reimer and his shop..just a little to late, but oh the car back with every thing done..seemed fine, babied her for the first month and then the heater hose blew off the back of the engine....(1000$ for new hoses...).. took it back and was told that they couldnt get that one at the time so they used the old one,, after some inspecting i couldnt find any new hoses other than the rad hose i had replaced, questioned them about it and they said they changed everything they could..ya right just not on my off i go... month later, same hose..this time they found something to use. It was close to the first oil change so i told them to do it while it was there..ok fine ..a week later on the way to work the valves start rattlein... wha the fu..? oil...didnt tighten the plug right...told me the gasket had cracked on the plug...ok fine week later no oil again... didnt put the lil gasket on the oil this time the snow all melted and i found out where all my oil was..there was a 30 foot slick beside my house and anothere one at work.. as well you could follow my trail of oil all the way from beddington to memorial...So brand new 3 months, had the antifreeze leak out twice.. oil leak out twice..and then there was exhaust blowin out the back of the head..yes..they are very good at what they do..So they fixed what ever it was that was wroing and off i go...seems the mean time they also fixed the speedo baring and power steering hoses..which leaked after.. then one day...pow. off goes the turbo outlet it off and inspected it whatda ya know, there is a cut from the top of the hose down 3 inches... ok but there shouldnt have been a tear under the hose i fixed that...then near the end of the first year bam..head gasket goes..wha the fu...tried to blame me for over heating the engine...hang on...atifreeze leaks out twice...oil leaks out twice but i overheated the engine..? so any ways they have my car for over a month and fix what while inspectin my car before i take it i find that the antifreeze is still leakin out of the heater hoses..the throttle rod hits the vacuum line behind the intake and gets caught up and hold the throttle open...yes very good at what they do... get my car back and. my snow tires have been moved...back to front..friggin treads are burnt up the sidewalls from burnin around corners...said they didnt know anytime bout that..course they didnt know about the spacer rings on my rims either and lost one of them movin the tires from the back to the front.. yes they are very good at what they then playin around with the intake i happen to check out the repair job i did on the turbo outlet hose and what do you know, there is a slice goin half way around the hose under the turbo..sabataged again..or maybe hoses just get cuts in them by there selves..i dont at this point i have my fingers crossed that by some miracle of God my engine holds together this time, because if it fails again im gonna snap a neck..So in closing dont let Cetus touch another supra because they are very good at what they do..and what they do is you..hope no one else has to go through what i have gone through.. still love my car and wont let the idiots stop me from havin my dream ride even if i have to have the engine done right. anyways thanks for the vent and remember.. if they dont drive a supra they dont know how to work on one.
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Unread 03-03-2007, 05:33 PM   #2
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Holy shit dude, I would'nt wish that tale on anybody. I'm showing my ignorance but Edmonton or Calgary.

I swear the only way to make sure it's done right is to to stand right next to I'm while they work on it.
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Unread 03-04-2007, 12:40 AM   #3
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Or you could be like me and shoot anyone that comes within 10' of your car with a wrench.
I whent to mr.lube once, scarier than when my brakes faded comin down mt. norquay.

Oh, and its Calgary
"......trail of oil all the way from beddington to memorial..."

Supraless at the moment.

1997 Toyota 4Runner Limited.

1989 Toyota MR2 Smallport 4AGE running MegaSquirt EFI.
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Unread 03-04-2007, 02:32 AM   #4
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Since when do they sell semi automatic wrenchs thats what I wanna know I thought those things were only legal in the states.
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