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Unread 07-07-2005, 01:02 PM   #1
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Marketplace rules


* Don't make completely unreasonable offers. There's a difference between trying to get a good deal and simply lowballing.

* Do not post any Illegal goods in the Marketplace.

* Please do post an asking price. Don't complain that people aren't giving you reasonable offers if you don't post a price for people to go on.

* Try to keep things positive, if you have a problem with somebody or something, PM the seller or a moderator. Flame wars are entirely unnecessary, especially in this forum.

* Put descriptive titles on your threads, makes finding things easier for everybody.

*put as much info in the thread as possible, it will save time for everyone if they don't need to ask questions and wait for you to answer.

now I'm not a power tripping moderator or anything, so its not like I'm going to ban you right off the bat for screwing up, just try to follow the rules and use common sense on the forums and we won't have any problems. Thank you

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